COVID-19 Emergency: Experiences of Italian Nurses

Right now, every Italian nurse is living an experience that is reshaping professional practice and personal life, and we do not want this lived experience to be lost. Through this qualitative research, the University of Genoa (Italy), together with the Department of Health Sciences and the Genoa University Nursing Honor Society (GNHS), are committed to sharing this experience nationally and internationally.

You can either write (see below) or send a voice message using WhatsApp® to the following number 0039-375-6514593, to describe or talk about anything you feel and that could help others to understand your experience. In order to effectively use the research data, it is important that you describe in which healthcare department/area you work (e.g. emergency, pneumology, community, etc.), your age, and for how many years you have worked as a registered nurse.

Please write or record (speaking clearly and not too fast) anything you feel you want to tell, considering those who will listen to what you say, your clinical experience, and what you have learned from it.

For example, how did your experience of caring for COVID-19 patients impact on you socially and emotionally? What was your experience regarding the management of the epidemic in your hospital and what can we learn from it in the future?

What was your experience in terms of receiving support from other nurses?

How did the healthcare team respond to COVID-19?



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